Paper Egg Carton Making Machine

         To achieve the environmental friendly goal, many enterprises have began to use paper egg carton. So egg carton machine complies with the trend of times. The egg carton making machine uses the raw material of waste paper and water to produce paper egg carton. The egg carton manufacturing process is raw materials pulping – ingredients – mold forming – drying –packing. The additive is pigment which you can use to produce all colors of egg cartons. Another kind of additive is glue which has the anti-water function. When you use the additives, you should add the appropriate amount. The paper egg carton making machine can not only produce egg carton but also produce apple carton, shoe carton, strawberry carton, etc.

         Our box egg tray making machine can produce egg tray from 1000 to 7500 pieces output per hour. We have different models for egg carton machine, such as the molds of 12 units, 16 unites, 32 unites, 40 unites, 48 unites. You can choose the appropriate equipment according to your productivity. The dryers include drying in the sun (below 1000pieces), semi-automatic dryer, automatic dryer and the metal dryer.

         Our pulp molding machinery factory is a large enterprise which has established for many years. The enterprise is a company integrating research and development, manufacture, sales and services. It has the mature skill and abundant experience in producing making machine egg tray carton. The equipments of our company enjoy a good reputation all over the world and are sold to many countries, such as Algeria, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria etc. Contact us ! Don’t miss the chance of promoting the production efficiency of your company.

Features and Advantages:
1.The machine adopts the advanced skill which has long service life.
2.Widely application in producing apple carton, egg carton, shoe carton, etc.
3.The machine is environmental friendly which can make waste paper become the value things.
4.The machine is easy operating and high efficient.

Models FM-1-3 FM-1-4 FM-3-4 FM-4-4 FM-4-8 FM-5-8 FM-4-12
Output per hour(pieces) 1000-1100 1500 2000 2200-2500 3000-5000 5000-7000 5500-7500
Mould quantity 3 chunks 4chunks 12units 16units 32units 40units 48units
Total power(kw) 33 50 37   120 140 160
Worker(persons) 3-5 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5 4-5
Paper consumed per hour(kg) 60 87 120 110-175 260-400 270-450 300-600
Vacuum pump(kw) 7.5 11 18 22 40 47 55
Pulper power(kw) 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5 22 22 22
Drying system power(kw)       19 19 21 26



  • It’s a fully automatic egg tray production line
  • Mainly used for the products with simple structure but in big quantity, such as egg trays, egg carton, fruit trays, cup carriers and disposable medical care products.
  • This type of production line is constituted by a hydrapulper system, a rotary type forming machine, a six-layer drying line, and corollary equipments.
  • Products are produced automatically from waster paper or other type of paper. It’s high-efficiency, energy-saving, durable, wieldy and safe.
  • SIEMENS electrical control parts, FESTO & SMC pneumatic control parts. Apply International famous brand of control parts to obtain excellent performance and universality maintainability.

Production Information and Our Warranty:

  • Status: Brand new
  • Product Type: Egg Tray Machine
  • Processing Type: Pulp Molding Machine
  • Place of origin: Guangdong, China
  • Brand: FUMU
  • Model Type: FM6000-B
  • Voltage: 220V – 450V
  • Approval: CE, TUV,SGS, ISO9001
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • After-Sale Service: Engineers available to service machinery overseas



Egg tray

20,30,40packed egg tray…  quail egg tray

Egg carton

6, 10,12,15,18,24 packed egg carton… 

Agricultural products

Fruit tray, seeding cup

Cup salver

2, 4 cup salver

Disposable Medical Care Products

Bedpan, sick pad, female urinal…


Shoe tree, industrial package…