8 Platens High Efficiency Paper Pulp Tray Machine

      This machine is controlled highly automation, easily learned, convenient services, and can widely use in different business. It can produce egg carton, egg box, egg tray, bottle tray, agricultural train seeding cup, industrial production packing. The equipment is best-selling nation and is sold abroad.


  • Pulp Board

Different pulp made by bulrush, straw, bagasse, bamboo, wood etc.

  • Waste Paper

Such as paper board, carton, newspaper, waste pulp in paper making factory.

  • Plant Fibre

Fibre of palm, straw, sugarcane etc.

Production Process:

  • Pulping system

Put the waste paper to pulper to make pulp, after some support equipments and 3 pulp pools, the pulp concentration will become 0.8%-1%.

  • Forming system

Forming machine and the support equipments make the pulp become the egg tray.

       We have many kinds of forming machine to make egg tray. Different forming machine, different capacity. We also can according to your request to design the forming machine.

  • Drying system

We have 3 kinds of drying system:

A. Single Brick Drying Line

B. Single Metal Drying Line

C. Multi Metal Drying Line

  • Packing system

By automatic stacking machine and packing machine, the egg tray can be loaded and transport.